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About Us

27 Years of Military, Law Enforcement and Private Security experience.

USS Academy utilizes certified instructors as force multipliers to recruit, equip and train organizations for a wide variety of justifiable use of force measures. Do to high demand, USS Academy recently opened our civilian marksmanship training division. All Instructors for all of our classes, come from the ranks of Military, Law Enforcement or Private Security Contracting. All of our Instructors are actual gun fighters with verified combat experiences. 


We have helped over 29,000, Florida Concealed Weapons Permit holders since the inception of our Civilian Marksmanship Training Program. In the past 7 years, we have grown to be Floridas #1 choice for profesional firearms training, for all levels of shooting.

Our most popular civilian accessible class, is our Florida Concealed Weapons Certification program.


After taking both the class and qualifying course of fire, the civilian CWP program Alumni will have developed a solid foundation of firearms safety and proficiency that can be built upon with more advanced training. In addition, the class with the qualifying course of fire will qualify all students for the Florida Concealed Weapons Permit.

"Black Box Modules" are only available for Military/Law Enforcement and Credentialed Private Security Contractors. "Black Box Modules" are not available to civilians.

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